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Editorial guidelines

Thanks for your interest in contributing to! Our submission guidelines are simple and we’ve outlined them below. If you have a specific question, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Submitting an article to be published on

To submit an article or to be published on please create an account on and use our simple submission form. Or submissions can be made to

Rights, warranties, and exclusivity

Your work is your work and you retain the copyright and ownership to all articles you submit for publication on However while the your article is published on we request that you do not publish it on  your web site or any other third-party sites , but we encourage authors to summarize and/or link to the post on their own blog or website.

By submitting an article to you warrant that you are the rightful copyright owner of your article.

By submitting your article for publication, you grant to us the perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license to publish, display, excerpt (including for advertising or promotional purposes), and feature your articles on blog and any of our partner sites. If your article is published and displayed on a partner site of, you will always be clearly identified as the article’s author. You are free to request we stop publication of your articles and reciend our licence to further publish your work at any time.

By submitting your article for publication on you warrant that your article does not contain abusive, vulgar, libelous, or defamatory material or violate any intellectual property or other laws.

By submitting your article to you agree to indemnify us and hold us harmless from any loss, damage or expense that we may suffer due to a breach by you of any of the above warranties.

Editorial policy

Generally, we will make only minor edits to your writing, including correcting for grammar and or spelling mistakes. Articles may also be optomized for best SEO performance. However, occasionally, our editors will rework certain parts of your article to ensure that it is easy to read and relevant for our audience. If large portions of your article need to be edited you will be notified by email by one of our editors prior to your article’s publications.

On very rare occasions, we will find an article or essay that will not meet the mission or focus of In those rare cases, we will not publish the submission. If this happens, we will notify you by email. We reserve the right to reject any article submitted for publication to

If someone knowingly or unknowingly submits copyrighted material we will remove it from the site as soon as we become aware of it

Timing of Publication

We will aim to publish your article on within 2 business days of submission. In a rare case that it takes longer, we hope that you will be patient with us.


If you’re an expert in a certain area, have a related business, website, blog, or book, please include it in your byline that will appear with each article you submit. Please don’t use articles as a way to promote your business or your work — shameless self-promotion does not make for good content and we will not publish articles that don’t offer much beyond that. You will have ample opportunity to promote yourself in the bio included at the bottom of the article.


We currently do not pay members for submitting articles. We hope that sharing your knowledge and experiences with other aerospace professional  will be worth your time. If you have a website, a blog, have published a book or run a business, you’re welcome to include it in your bio and raise awareness for it by authoring articles. By submitting your article to you warrant that we have no obligation to compensate you for your submission.

What do writers get?

We can offer a byline and a brief  bio (with links) at the bottom of the post. In addition you can provide links to your social media sites. (twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. etc…) We will work hard to share these posts across the Web and will broadcast your article to all our social media followers, which helps increase visibility for both you and us. In addition to being published on our blog, we often include posts in our newsletter, which goes out to thousands of Aerospace professionals. No other aerospace blog can offer you as much exposure as can.

What should my bio say?

A few sentences about you and your business or passions, plus a link to your website, Twitter handle or wherever you want to send readers. Please send your bio with your post. Please limit your bio to 4-5 sentences.

What should I write about? content focuses on almost anything related to aerospace. This can include commercial aviation, business aviation, airports, FBO’s, MRO’s, airlines, pilots, military aviation, and flight crews. If you have any question regarding what may or may not be suitable please contact us at

Content should appeal to the demographics of our readership: Areospace professionals. Our readers are looking for thoughtful, insightful, educational material. Be helpful. Give advice. Offer an opinion. If your post doesn’t fall into one of these categories, that doesn’t mean it’s not a good fit! We love original ideas. Talk to us about what you’re thinking

Should I pitch you with my idea before writing the post?

You are welcome to ask us to approve your idea before starting to write.

If this is your first time pitching us, tell us your idea and why you’d be good to write it. You might also send us a link or two to writing samples (blog posts are great) so we feel confident you’ll be able to execute the idea.

Just because we like your pitch does not mean we’ll publish your post. We need to see the final piece before committing to run it on our site.

How long should my posts be?

Shoot for 500-1000 words. Longer form pieces are welcome if well thought out and insightful.

Should I include links within the piece?

Yes, links are welcome. Please include links that will be helpful and relevant for the reader – they can be to appropriate posts on your site or on any other news site or blog. We love when you link to other posts, too.

Insert links in your copy via anchor text or keywords. No HTML.

Should I write a headline?

Yes, please. We reserve the right to tweak it for SEO, style or just to make it more attention-grabbing. But if you want to suggest one, that makes our job easier.

Should I add photos?

Yes, if you can, please include 3-4 fair use photos at least 600 px wide.

Do you need my email address?

Yes! At the top of your blog post please include your name (or the name of the author if you’re submitting it on behalf of someone else) and your email address (or the email address of the author).

Can I reprint the post on my own blog? retains the rights to all content while it’s published on, but we encourage authors to summarize and/or link to the post on their own blog.

Why can’t you republish the post in part or in full on your own blog? Because search engines will penalize us for duplicate post. We need all content to remain exclusive to our site. Thanks for understanding!

Will you edit my post?

We reserve the right to edit submissions for content, clarity, length and audience. If your post requires a lot of editing, we may send it back for you to work on.

To avoid driving your editor crazy, please use only one space between sentences.

What happens if I decide after you publish that I don’t want the post on

Your work is your work and you retain the copyright and ownership to all articles you submit for publication on You are free to request we stop publication of your articles and rescind our licence to further publish your work at any time.

How should I submit the post?

Create an account on and use our simple submission form. Or submissions can be made to

How long will it take for you to get back to me?

Once you send us your post, it usually takes us 1-2 days to review and edit.  Once we review and edit your work, it will go live on the site. If you have a certain date when you’d like your post to run, you should contact us in advance.

Anything I should do after my post goes live?

Please share the link! Tweet, share on LinkedIn, Facebook, or wherever you hang out.

What if I have more questions?

Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have! We look forward to hearing you! guest blogger

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Visit and register for an account on Blog.Aero.  Once your membership has been received and activated we will setup your account as a guest blogger.

You can self submit your material at or if you prefer you can email us your copy and any related images to